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turning my life around 06-22-07 14:21
i need help.

i have many problems in my life.

1) lack of inspiration. i live my life one day at a time doing pretty much the same thing day-to-day. i've been going to school casually while working, but the problem is i cannot find inspiration. i believe not knowing what i'd like to do with life is seriously effecting my life (above others)

2) out of shape. i am completely out of shape. when doing a decent amount of walking (to and from bus stops, etc) I get winded. I took a bike ride today for the first time in months, about a 30 minute ride around the neighborhood without too many hills and my quads/hamstrings felt like they were being ripped to pieces and i could barely stand up after sitting down. Anyone have any suggestions of excercises i could start to get back into shape?

3) overweight. i'm not terribly overweight, but i need to lose some weight, i guess that's pretty obvious though. eat less fats, sugars, more nutrition, less overall, do more exercise, etc. more part of #2

4) socially inept. it's not that i hate people, or have a fear of people, it's just that after months, if not years of doing one thing, i have problems coming up with things in common with other people, small talk, etc.

hopefully i'll start improving, but i am notoriously good at having good intentions.