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Hello my name is matt. I'm new to elowel.

Avatar swift
05-29-07 10:42
a sum of his things
hello hi hello welcome etc
Avatar yourworstenemy *
05-29-07 11:23
Your Best Friend
Avatar fraz
05-29-07 11:33
Ahoy! Tell us your story!
Avatar thatonechick
05-29-07 12:33
The abbreviated version of said story, of course. Or not. Ramble. I like rambling. Welcome, newb. ^_^
Avatar max *
05-29-07 12:46
cyber desperado
Welcome to Elowel!
Avatar sabriel
05-29-07 17:02
Look With Your Eyes
!lewolE ot emocleW
Avatar chucho *
05-29-07 18:17
Breathe deep
howdy parter. pull up a chair and dont be shy, and dont let people walk all over you.
Avatar peena
05-29-07 19:03
hey there Matt! Hope you have fun here!
Avatar effika
05-29-07 19:56
Prodigal Elowel User
I'm going to follow the crowd and welcome you! (Really, though, nice to see you and hope you have fun!)
Avatar max *
05-29-07 20:05
cyber desperado
Sabriel is the opposite me, whenever I'm eating she throws up :(
Avatar allypoo
05-29-07 23:01
mistress alex
That would be entertaining...every time you post a comment, she replies with the same comment backwards! New revolution!

And welcome to elowel! Have fun, look around, don't take thecheat seriously.
Avatar peena
06-01-07 16:27
Yeah, thecheat posts a lot of silly posts. Don't listen to him.

But have fun, post, and watch your name grow! Heehee...
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