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i'm fat, lazy, hideously out of shape and immature beyond my wits. sometimes i wish admitting things would be the first step to fixing them.

Avatar max *
06-20-07 12:55
cyber desperado
Stop being lazy, start exercising and stop pining about how you're static in the situation of your life because you only are stuck insofar as you spend time worrying about what's 'wrong with you' instead of just doing things that you feel good about.

At least that's what I did.
Avatar jennifer
06-20-07 17:08
Im a fucking hipster
Yeah, Tom Robbins said that depression is the best way to be selfish because that way one can only focus on himself.
Avatar yourworstenemy *
06-20-07 17:26
Your Best Friend
Yeah, what Max said
Avatar lunchbox86
06-21-07 00:52
i feel ur pain...?
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