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turning my life around

i need help.

i have many problems in my life.

1) lack of inspiration. i live my life one day at a time doing pretty much the same thing day-to-day. i've been going to school casually while working, but the problem is i cannot find inspiration. i believe not knowing what i'd like to do with life is seriously effecting my life (above others)

2) out of shape. i am completely out of shape. when doing a decent amount of walking (to and from bus stops, etc) I get winded. I took a bike ride today for the first time in months, about a 30 minute ride around the neighborhood without too many hills and my quads/hamstrings felt like they were being ripped to pieces and i could barely stand up after sitting down. Anyone have any suggestions of excercises i could start to get back into shape?

3) overweight. i'm not terribly overweight, but i need to lose some weight, i guess that's pretty obvious though. eat less fats, sugars, more nutrition, less overall, do more exercise, etc. more part of #2

4) socially inept. it's not that i hate people, or have a fear of people, it's just that after months, if not years of doing one thing, i have problems coming up with things in common with other people, small talk, etc.

hopefully i'll start improving, but i am notoriously good at having good intentions.

Avatar alex
06-22-07 17:55
Well, at least you're not alone.

Let's be uninspired lethargic and awkward friends.
Avatar alex
06-22-07 17:55
For serious.
Avatar matt
06-22-07 23:51
looking for rebirth
i was actually going for some creative comments here, not someone thinking I'm being emo, which for once i'm not.
Avatar alex
06-23-07 08:33
Avatar alex
06-23-07 08:34
I didn't want to be your friend, anyway.
Avatar max *
06-23-07 11:10
cyber desperado
So if your life sucks so bad what's your plan? You going to sit and wallow in woe-is-me or is there a plan? If you don't have a plan you should come up with one.

I think you're probably depressed. You should try to do something about that, talk to a guy about your shit and don't just take some pills (though it may help it may not be enough on it's own).

But you need a plan.

Start exercising. So you were beat after that bike ride, are you an ICU patient missing a lung? Didn't think so. Get your ass out there and go on that same bike ride every day or twice a day until it's effortless.

No kidding. How old are you? Unless the answer is greater than 70 you're too young to give up on your body. You don't need some preparatory exercise, just stretch gently before your ride.

After that step up your ride, stretch it out, explore more difficult terrain. Keep yourself challenged, go for the beat feeling every day.

That'll take care of most of #2 and #3.

What are you eating every day? Is it shit? Is it prepared food? Knock that off. Eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day is your priority, eat that before you start eating other shit.

Keep well hydrated.

That basically finishes off #3, you may never be "skinny" (not everyone has the genetics for it) but you can be healthy. A good diet and regular exercise will ensure that. Starving yourself isn't a good diet and it'll make your mood even shittier.

The rest I can't really help with. Inspiration is dodgy, I think I've got mine but it may melt away tomorrow and I'm horribly socially inept too.

What's the 'one thing' you've been doing for years?
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